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How It All Started  

In 2015 we bought a fixer-upper house. While fixing up the house 

we got to to know all the neighbors pretty well. One neighbor in 

particular was an older gentleman that lived by himself. We 

decided to make time at least once a week to spend time with him 

and help him whenever he needed it. Come to find out, he had an 

espresso trailer that he built several years ago.  After a while we 

talked to him about purchasing it. Next thing we know, we are at the 

attorney's office signing papers to purchase it. 


   After having the trailer about a month, spending our spare time getting it ready,it was time to start thinking business. It took us a few days of brainstorming to come up with a name. With my husband's years of service as a firefighter we wanted something that reflects his devotion to the fire service. The name Courage Coffee was actually one of the first name we came up with but we wanted something different. We came up with several name but Courage Coffee kept coming up. The decision was made.


   Shortly after, we submitted all of our business licensing and filed with the Department of Health. Now that the paperwork was done it was time to make some money. We started making calls and sending emails to put it to work. Our first events were small, but we were able to get some working capital saved up. Our first. big break came when we sign a contract with the Southwest Washington Fairgrounds. 


   Since then we have become a recognized name within the community and we get requests from all over Western Washington.

What We Do

This business started out as just something fun for my husband and I to do together. Little did we know that this would turn out to be a profitable business. We decided that the business should not only help support us, but those in need as well. Our goal is to always try to give back as much as possible. That's why we give discounts and even donate some of our proceeds from every event to local first responders, police, and military personnel. We also donate all proceeds when we set up for fundraisers. Our community is important to us. In addition to donations, we also do our best to buy our products from local businesses. 

Organizations We Support
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